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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 6:00 PM
Is there anything we can learn from hurricanes, storms and floods?

People have been asking that question for thousands of years, and telling stories that try to make sense of natural disasters. These flood myths are remarkably similar to one another.
  • DUNCAN/Father, forgive them
    Turn to Luke 23:32-38. This brief section describes the beginning of the crucifixion itself, and it's very interesting that, as to the details of what Jesus underwent physically on the cross, Luke tells us this in three words: “They crucified Him.” We know something of the physical torment that people went through who were crucified, but Luke doesn't draw our attention to that. He does draw our attention to other things, and I want you to be on the lookout for them.
  • LOWRY/Dems alluring to Trump for now
    President Donald Trump is looking for a congressional leader he likes. Mitch McConnell has been found wanting, so now the president is flirting with Chuck Schumer.

    Trump sided with Schumer and Nancy Pelosi last week on an agreement to extend the debt ceiling for three months. The Republican leadership in Congress wanted a longer extension,
  • BUCHANAN/Tribalism marches on!
    Recently, a columnist-friend, Matt Kenney, sent me a 25-year-old newspaper with his chiding that my column had been given better play.

    Both had run in The Orange County Register on June 30, 1991.
  • EDITORIALS/The price of minimum wage
    The Washington Times said in an editorial recently:

    It’s easy to be generous with someone else’s money. Politicians get away with it because the average American does not understand fundamental economics. Raising the minimum wage by law is popular because many people think no one has to pay the costs. When someone posts a reminder of how the world works, the ignorant scream.
    Many years ago I recall watching the Disney cartoon Robin Hood. The character Alan-a-Dale was a minstrel whose voice was Roger Miller. I can still remember the words in the song of lament he sung over the dismal conditions at one point in Nottingham: “Every town has its ups and downs; sometimes the ups outweigh the downs; but not in Nottingham.”
  • DUNCAN/Weep for Yourselves
    Turn to Luke 23:26-31. As you look at this passage, I'd like you to see three things in particular. In verse 26, Luke tells us about Simon who bears the cross for Jesus. Luke wants us to see something of the price and the suffering that Christ is bearing and will bear for us in that scene. Then in verses 27 to 31 Luke wants us to see a sermon that Jesus preached. At the very end of that preaching in verse 31, I want you to see the proverb that Jesus speaks. In the midst of that preaching there's a dark, almost inscrutable proverb that Jesus utters that's very important for us to ponder and to understand in some measure.
  • EDITORIALS/Tax cut time
     Trump is a straight talker, and he’s talking tax cuts. In Missouri last week, talking up tax reform, he told an audience he wasn’t sure whether he should pronounce the name of the Show Me State as “Missouri” or, as the locals do, “Missouruh.” But taxpayers across the nation know that the proper pronounciation of “Washington” is “swamp.”
  • LOWRY/Trump’s insubordination problem
    Donald Trump told us that he’d hire the best people. He didn’t mention that he’d be unable to fire them.

    The president is experiencing a bout of insubordination from his top officials the likes of which we haven’t witnessed in the modern era. It’s not unusual to have powerful officials at war among themselves, or in the presidential doghouse. It’s downright bizarre to have them publicly undercut the president without fear of consequence.
  • BUCHANAN/Nuclear Japan, S. Korea?
    By setting off a 100-kiloton bomb, after firing a missile over Japan, Kim Jong Un has gotten the world’s attention.

    What else does he want?
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 4: 27-31
    In our passage Moses meets his brother Aaron in the wilderness. They head to Egypt to meet with the elders of Israel to pronounce the revelation of God with respect to delivering Israel out of bondage. Moses has a weighty calling, and he needs help from God to be able to fulfill that calling. Christians are called by God to be faithful and fruitful. It is a narrow path our Lord says we must walk. We will look at helps we need to stay faithful the Lord gives us from this passage.
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